Root Security is a value-added distributor and authorized professional services provider for top tier cyber-security solutions and products.

Through the partnership of various vendors and a combined experience of more than 20 years in the field of cyber-security, our team of marketing professionals, sales and technical consultants are able to deliver the best value and cutting edge solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

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Latest news and events around cyber security.

Root Security Announces Distribution Partnership with Leading Cloud Security Firm, Orca Security to help Accelerate Orca’s Growth in Singapore

Singapore 10th May 2022 – Root Security today announced a distribution partnership with Orca Security, the cloud security innovation leader. With this agreement, Root Security will support sales of Orca Security’s comprehensive cloud security platform for its system integrator network in Singapore. Root Security is a

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Cyber Awareness Month

With 90% of data breaches occurring due to employee error, Right-Hand helps organisations personalize and automate employee awareness programs to more effectively reduce human risk, build cyber culture and meet compliance standards.

Fully customisable phishing simulations and the AI-Powered platform allows engaging bite-sized micro-learning modules that can be distributed to employees. There is gamification which encourages active participation of employees in the training.

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Attaining Observability Into Your Hybrid IT Infrastructure

Global surveys have found that organizations are increasing their I.T spending, using the pandemic to accelerate their digital transformation. Today’s I.T infrastructure is complex, from apps to micro-services to hybrid and cloud among the technologies that the CIO and his team have to juggle. There is a constant challenge to keep the I.T infrastructure up and running so as to create a positive experience and value for the stakeholders.

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