Choosing an effective Network Monitoring Solution?

Network monitoring solutions (NMS) are an essential part of any infrastructure network. Any malfunction and failures in the network will cost a business financial loss. An effective network monitoring system will provide a comprehensive real time picture of all traffic, enabling network teams to identity any issues early as well as ensuring that the business continues to function normally.

Below are 5 considerations for choosing an effective Network Monitoring Solution.

1) Wide support of various monitoring protocols

With today’s rich I.T ecosystem, choosing a network monitoring solution requires it to support most of the industry protocols and technologies that is available in the market. This includes WMI, NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, SNMP, IPFIX and many others. Only by supporting these popular protocols, then will the network monitoring solution be able to provide a comprehensive monitoring coverage.

2) Dashboards

Dashboards are very crucial in displaying the appropriate data upon first logon. It gives the network administrator the correct visibility to the items that are being monitored. Most importantly, the ease of configuring the dashboards plays a crucial part in selecting a network monitoring system. You do not want to be spending days/weeks just to be able to customize the appropriate visuals for your network.

3)Wide range of alerting channels

As a network administrator, you would want to be alerted for any issues that is going on in your network. Channels such as Teams, Slack, Email, SMS, ticketing systems are such alerting channels that are common in this APAC region. The network monitoring solution should be able to support such alerting channels.

4) Automatic discovery 

A monitoring solution which has the ability to auto discover devices will make it easy for one to take stock of the entire network. If your network spans across multiple locations, the automated device discovery will ease your job to know what devices are in your remote locations. With this feature, you can ensure all your network devices/systems are covered.

5) Vendor product support

Many companies opt for open-source network monitoring software because of its cost. However, the lack of product support is always an issue. Such solutions usually refer you to the wider community on the Internet where the answers that you get might be unreliable. This often leads to frustrations for users of such open-sourced network monitoring solutions. Good after service product support is a key consideration when choosing a network monitoring solution. 

Paessler AG fulfils the above criteria, and it has a comprehensive solution that will meet today’s industry requirements for an effective monitoring solution. 

For a detailed understanding of Paessler’s capabilities, please feel free to connect with the Root Security team.